Read up on the so called Health Care “Reform”


This is a state government blog. But without question, the HR 3962 bill, or the health care “reform” bill, that will be voted on soon by our U.S. House of Representatives, has a huge impact on Maine and it’s businesses and people. We’re posting about the bill here in the name of greater overall government transparency.

So what exactly does the bill do, and how should Reps. Pingree and Michaud vote on the bill?

Take a look yourself and then let them know.

HR 3962 Summary (read it and weep): “Complete Summary”

A couple excerpts (warning, some readers will find this offensive. May not be appropriate reading for intelligent, reasoning, or freedom loving Americans): Individuals. Individuals are required to obtain health insurance coverage or pay a fee equal to lower of 2.5 percent of their adjusted income…Government responsibility. It is the responsibility of the federal government to ensure that essential health coverage is affordable and available to all Americans…

Happy reading. 

HR 3962 – Full Text (if you even scan the whole thing you’ll be more informed than our Reps. I’ll bet): All 1,992 pages of so called “reform”