Release: Maine Policy Calls on Gov. Mills to End State of Emergency



March 15, 2021
Contact: Jacob Posik
Director of Communications
Office: 207.321.2550

Maine Policy Institute Calls on Governor Janet Mills
to Terminate the State of Emergency

PORTLAND, Maine – Maine Policy Institute CEO Matthew Gagnon issued the following statement Monday on the one-year anniversary of Governor Janet Mills’ Civil State of Emergency proclamation:

“One year ago today, Governor Mills issued a Civil State of Emergency in response to the coronavirus pandemic reaching Maine. At that time, much less information about the virus was known to public health officials and the general public. Today, there is a mountain of evidence from across the globe concerning how the virus is transmitted, who it impacts most and how to protect ourselves against it. None of this data points to continuing the emergency declaration and unilaterally governing the State of Maine by edict.

“We know today, and have known for months, that the virus is far less deadly than originally thought. We know who stands the greatest risk of severe illness or death from catching COVID-19, and how to focus our mitigation and protective measures toward those vulnerable populations. A number of different vaccines have already been developed, tested and distributed to about one-fifth of Maine’s population, including those most vulnerable to the virus.

“There is no legitimate rationale for continuing the state of emergency declaration. Mainers have sacrificed their education, health care, livelihoods and more trying to comply with the administration’s endless, ever-changing rules and executive orders, many of which had no basis whatsoever in science. They’ve lost jobs, businesses, friends and family members not from COVID-19, but from the unintended consequences of the administration’s unworkable mandates.

“This time last year, we were told to stay home for two weeks to ‘flatten the curve’ and ensure we don’t overwhelm our hospitals. We did that, successfully. Yet month after month, the Mills administration moved the goalposts on what was required to reopen our state and restore our fundamental liberties.

“We’ve seen remarkable increases in drug and alcohol abuse, suicide and domestic violence. Critical health care services like cancer screenings and dental treatment were cancelled or delayed, resulting in worse health outcomes. This is only a small sampling of the untold damage caused over the last year. In short, the results of single person rule in Augusta have been catastrophic.

“We flattened the curve. We stayed home. We closed our businesses and places of worship. We upended our lives and livelihoods to meet every last one of the governor’s demands. Enough is enough.

“Today, we call on Governor Mills to terminate her emergency declaration and restore regular order in our beloved state.”


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