Release: MHPC Calls On Attorney General To Investigate Liberal Groups For Potentially Illegal Political Coordination


September 10, 2014

PORTLAND, Maine — The Maine Heritage Policy Center, Maine’s preeminent free market think tank, on Wednesday called on Maine Attorney General Janet Mills to investigate whether several non-profit organizations have illegally collaborated to influence the Maine gubernatorial race on a conference call last week.

“Maine Equal Justice Partners, the Maine People’s Alliance, and a number of other liberal non-profit groups have engaged in potentially illegal coordination for the benefit of a gubernatorial candidate.  The contents of this call may represent a direct violation of the c3 status of some of the groups that participated in the call.” said Maine Heritage Policy Center CEO Matthew Gagnon.

“We are calling on Attorney General Janet Mills to investigate the contents of the call and determine whether these groups have violated regulations that bar such non-profits from this type of campaign coordination.”

Click here to view a PDF of the request sent to the Attorney General.