Release: MHPC Makes Cash Welfare Spending Available Online


January 9, 2014

The Maine Heritage Policy Center publishes the most comprehensive view of Maine’s cash welfare program ever presented to the public.

PORTLAND, Maine – The Maine Heritage Policy Center, Maine’s foremost free market think tank, on Thursday presented to the people of Maine an exclusive look at data related to the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) cash welfare program. The data, which is available at, represents the most comprehensive view of Maine’s cash welfare program ever presented to the public.

“For the first time, the people of Maine can see how their tax dollars are being spent on Maine’s cash welfare program,” said MHPC CEO J. Scott Moody. “It is our hope that this data will provide a solid, factual foundation for current policy debates over welfare reform. Based on this data, it is no longer possible for reasonable people to conclude that welfare abuse does not exist. The data shows that Maine’s cash welfare has been accessed in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. It shows cash welfare has been accessed at liquor stores, bars, cigarette shops, strip clubs and amusement parks.”

“This blatant abuse of Maine’s TANF program is not compatible with its goal of encouraging benefit recipients to become healthy and productive members of the community,” he said. “The people of Maine should demand responsible welfare reform that not only respects Maine taxpayers, but also ensures the TANF program is achieving its goals.”

Members of the press are invited to join a conference call today at 3:00PM for a tutorial on using the Qlik View application in which the data is presented. To obtain the call in number and access code, please contact Jonathan Haines at

The data may be viewed at

TMW EBT data

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