SAD 61: “We will go it alone”


At least one school district has voted to tell the commissioner that they will not merge with surrounding districts. Can’t wait to see how this turns out.

‘We will go it alone’

By David Harry
Editor-The Citizen
CASCO (Aug 23, 2007): Crooked River Elementary School in Casco will no more be confused for a Charleston, S.C., shore battery than the Maine Department of Education resembles Fort Sumter.
Yet it was from this site that the first local volley against school district reorganization was fired when the School Administrative District 61 School Board voted unanimously against merging with other school districts Aug. 20.
As school boards in SADs 55 and 72 convene Aug. 29 to vote on consolidating, it seems likely the cannonade against the reorganization plan passed by the Legislature in June will continue.

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