Senator Lisa Marrache (D), Waterville, Has at Least One Ally…Big Labor

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With a non-stop flurry of editorials, comments, and opinion pieces lambasting Senator Marrache for her bill LD 1353 – that would hide public employees names from their salary information – this “action item”, (see below) emailed around and posted by the Maine State Employee’s Union should be a breath of fresh air for the good Senator…

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Subject: Action Alert! Thank Senator Marrache for Standing Up for State
Workers and Retirees!


Action Alert!

Thank Senator Marrache for Standing Up for State Workers
and Retirees!


Dear MSEA-SEIU Member,


Last year, the Maine
Heritage Policy
launched a website
listing the names and pay of all state employees, retirees, and
contractors.  While we all recognize that pay information should be
public, members were outraged that their names were published on the


Maine Senate Assistant Majority Leader Lisa Marrache of Waterville offered to
sponsor a bill to protect names from disclosure, and has been a passionate
advocate for this cause. She is under attack today for her courageous stand on
this issue, and we need to back her up.  We need to stand up for our
friends and allies.


If you’re tired of the attacks on state workers, and tired
of having your name and pay on the internet, please do the following:


Call or write Senator Marrache and thank her for her support. Leave a
message for her at 1-800-423-6900 or 287-1515. Send her a note at:


Call or email the members of the Judiciary Committee and tell them to
support LD 1353, “An Act Regarding Salary Information for Public Employees.”

Join us for the hearing on the bill, Thursday, April 30 at 1:00 pm before the
Judiciary Committee, State House Room 438.


In Solidarity,


Bruce Hodsdon


MSEA-SEIU Local 1989