Take Action: Oppose Medicaid Expansion in Maine


Many of Maine’s policymakers have fallen for the siren call of ObamaCare’s Medicaid expansion.

Fortunately, Maine has held the line on Medicaid expansion so far. However, the 2015 legislative session is just around the corner.

Sadly, Maine has turned into a welfare state; it is time to reverse the trend, not double-down on dependency.

Even without expansion, Medicaid has already set Maine on course for fiscal ruin. As a percentage of state General Fund spending, Medicaid spending has nearly doubled over the past 15 years, increasing from 13% to over 25%, crowding out funding for schools, natural resources, transportation, public safety, and other critical services.

Solutions exist to our health care problems, but expanding Medicaid is wrong for Maine.

Take action today!

Go on record by telling your Senator and Representative that you oppose Medicaid expansion.