Transparency Insight


A Transparent, Open Government is a growing priority in the quest to preserve American individual liberties and economic freedom.  The ability to review the influences, interests, income sources and relationships of lawmakers is a way to confirm and re-confirm the trust the public has in our elected officials.  
In an ideal world, updated Transparency methods will not reveal anything new.  Just like cleaning your own front window with Windex, you hope to see no surprises in your yard.  Same trees, same sidewalk, same street, same neighbors. . .  nothing you didn’t expect.
In the same way, as more information is available, Transparency should reveal nothing significantly new.  Hopefully, when we spray on this Windex, we will see no conflicts of interest involving relationships, supporters, personal income, campaign contributions or other reasons why representatives’ decisions are not 100% based on what is best for their constituents.
It is particularly important in an Election Year that a focus on Transparency will help clarify that elected officials in Washington, Augusta and our hometowns are unburdened with obligations, favors owed and personal financial interests when they make decisions for the people who elected them.