Who’s Paying for Maine’s Uninsured Motorists? You!


Uninsured motorists. That was a perennial issue during my years working in the Maine Legislature. At issue: a number of Mainers are driving illegally without auto insurance. If you’re involved in an auto accident with an uninsured Maine driver – you’re out of luck. They don’t have insurance to pay to have your car fixed. And woe to you if you’re hospitalized or incur medical bills.

My recollection is of the Legislature punting this issue. No matter what remedies were offered – they were never quite right.
Imagine my surprise on learning that, at some point, Maine government found a solution to uninsured (and under-insured) Maine motorists. I’m buying their auto insurance. If you have your own Maine auto insurance – you’re buying auto insurance for some uninsured/under-insured Mainer too!
It’s called “Uninsured Motorists Coverage.