2016 Maine Piglet Book Now Available


Augusta- The Maine Heritage Policy Center, Maine’s foremost free-market think tank, officially released the 2016 Maine Piglet Book this morning. This publication is the newest in a series dating back to 2005 that has allowed MHPC to highlight rampant and appalling examples of the abuse of taxpayer dollars that big government doesn’t want you to know about.

Through the Maine Piglet Book series, MHPC has brought to light some of the most egregious state spending, allowing taxpayers to understand how their money is spent in Augusta.

The biannual budget that passed this legislative session contains an enormous spending increase of nearly $300 million. Whenever government adds that much spending, there will always be a tremendous amount of waste, pet projects and unnecessary programs.

“The Maine Piglet Books have proven to be some of MHPC’s most influential publications” said The Maine Heritage Policy Center CEO, Matthew Gagnon. “Transparency and accountability are critical to reducing the waste of taxpayer money, endless pork and ineffective programs.”

For inquiries, contact Liam Sigaud, Policy Analyst at 207.321.2550.