It’s no secret the Maine Center for Economic Policy (MECEP) is no fan of MHPC.  The liberal think tank, which often leads the charge in Maine for higher taxes and more government spending, has published research papers attacking us, issued news releases berating our research, claimed we aim to confuse the public, and accused us of extremism in the press.

Initially, we believed MECEP simply took their ideological opposition to our principles of lower taxes and limited government to unhealthy, border-line obsessive levels.  Now, we wonder if MECEP’s zealous opposition to MHPC, and other groups and individuals who share our values, is actually a fund-raising ploy. (It’s probably a little of both.)

Check out this e-mail sent by Kit St. John asking for votes in a poll to decide who should contribute to:

From: Kit St. John
Sent: Tue Dec 28 15:40:55 2010
Subject: URGENT! Cast Your Vote for MECEP today in’s 2010 Giving Campaign, the far-left advocacy group, spends countless amounts opposing free market conservatives, supporting big government politicians, and, apparently, donating to liberal organizations across the country.  MECEP, unknowingly revealing at least a basic belief in competition and the free market, is hoping to out-perform other organizations in the poll to get a piece of the pie.

Just a reminder, the group MECEP hopes to receive “substantial financial assistance” from produced this famous newspaper ad…

…and produced a video urging President Obama to return to his progressive roots.

It’s nice to know where MECEP’s marching orders come from.  Let’s remember this the next time Kit St. John and the MECEP crew hit the airwaves opposing any policy reforms that will limit government and put more money back in your pocket.