An examination of public policy in Maine

  • How Misinformation Pollutes Public Policy

    How Misinformation Pollutes Public ...

    At its best, research can be the backbone of policymaking.  It can provide the numbers that illumin ...
    Lessons for Maine in Vermont’s Failure

    Lessons for Maine in Vermont’...

    The argument against expanding government run health care in America just got a lot stronger – tha ...
    Hands Off Uber, Portland

    Hands Off Uber, Portland

    Nearly everyone knows that innovation, competition, and development are needed to bring Maine into t ...


Dedicated to advancing limited government, free market public policy in Maine

Matthew Gagnon
Chief Executive Officer

Matt leads the Maine Heritage Policy Center as it implements its overall strategic mission.

Heather Noyes
Director of Development

Heather manages day to day operations at MHPC and oversees development.

Patrick Marvin
Policy Analyst

Patrick is an expert researcher and analyst, evaluating the impact of public policy.

Nathan Strout
Research Associate

Nathan is a researcher, assists with development, and manages The Maine Wire.


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