Board of Advisors
Mrs. Mary Adams, Grassroots Activist (2004 Freedom & Opportunity Award Recipient)
Mr. William G. Becker III
Ms. Carolyn Brodsky, Sterling Rope
The Honorable Joe Bruno, Community Pharmacies
Mrs. Jinger Duryea
Mr. Michael Estes, Estes Oil
Ms. Susan Hamill, The Dette Company
The Honorable Philip E. Harriman, Lebel & Harriman
Ms. Lisa G. Martin, Manufacturers Association of Maine
Mr. Pembroke C. H. Schaeffer
Mr. Derek Volk, Volk Packaging Corporation

Board of Adjunct Fellows
Mr. Joe Crosby, MultiState
Mr. James Frogue, Center for Health Transformation/Gingrich Group
Mr. James Hamilton, For our Grandchildren
Mr. Roy W. Lenardson, Strategic Advocacy
Mr. John Reisman, University of Maine at Machias
Dr. Margo Thorning, American Council for Capital Formation