18 Million to be in HSAs by end of 2007


Information Strategies, Inc just released their projections for Health Saving Account growth for the year 2007. These projections show how popular these low-cost, comprehensive benefit health insurance plans are becoming with individuals and employers:
— The number of Health Savings Accounts will reach 8 million.
— Deposits in custodial accounts will total $13.6 billion at year-end
— Average accounts will pass $1,700 mark, with those accounts being in
existence two or more years hovering at $4,400
— 22% of employers will offer HSAs
— More than 40% of all companies will fund 50% or more of the first
year’s deductible
— New HSA-covered lives will exceed eight million, bringing the HSA-
insured total to 18 million
To learn more about Health Saving Accounts, read my HSA paper released last year.