Fiscal Center Renamed in Honor of MHPC Founder Dick Jackson


Eight years ago, the idea for a free market research and advocacy organization in Maine was born around a kitchen table in North Yarmouth. A handful of Maine’s most passionate conservatives saw the need for sound research and proven ideas to inform debates over public policy in Maine.

One man, the man who owned that kitchen table, pledged his long-term support for such an organization, and he has more than lived up to his word. W.R. “Dick” Jackson has stood alongside The Maine Heritage Policy Center since Day 1. He is our founder, past Board President, current Chairman Emeritus, and the winner of our 2010 Freedom and Opportunity Award. Without Dick’s support and passion, The Maine Heritage Policy Center would not be what it is today.

To thank and honor Dick for his unyielding support, we at MHPC are proud to rename our fiscal center the Jackson Center for Prosperity. Dick has been a strong voice for the free market reforms that include lower taxes, less spending and greater economic freedom. There is no one more fitting to name MHPC’s flagship policy center after than Dick Jackson.

Dick, we cannot thank you enough for all you have done for MHPC and for the conservative movement in Maine.