More on Uninsured Maine Motorist Insurance


Feedback on my “Uninsured Motorists Coverage” entry….

State Rep. R. Kenneth Lindell (R-Frankfort) sent these comments by email:
“The state has taken several measures to enforce mandatory coverage. The latest is a requirement that companies report cancellations to the Secretary of State.
“Regardless of any enforcement measures there will always be scofflaws driving around without insurance. It is prudent for motorists to insure themselves against that risk. Whether the coverage ought to be mandatory is another question. Mandatory or not it is inexpensive and usually a smart rider to carry on one’s policy.”

“chris, skowhegan” said in an email:
“Part of the issue [is] people registering one vehicle and taking the two Maine-issued license plates with the registration and placing them on two different vehicles. By [doing this] one vehicle is illegally escaping registration costs, excise tax costs, and insurance costs — costs that law abiding Maine citizens end up paying.
“Take a casual drive through [certain rural] areas of Maine. About one-in-ten vehicles you pass has no front license plate! These drivers were issued two license plates, so where is the other license plate?”
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