Reduction of Administration Costs Should Extend Beyond Schools


The recent debate over Governor John E. Baldacci’s school consolidation plan has initiated an invaluable discussion about how to reduce school administrative costs. However, the debate must not end with school administrative costs. Policymakers must begin discussing ways to reduce municipal service costs and examine the functions of state government in order to identify potential savings. If Maine is ever going to reduce the onerous tax burden that residents bear, the talk must materialize into legislative action.
The Maine Heritage Policy Center has been discussing ways to achieve government savings without reducing the quality of services. The following reports are two recent research projects that examine ways in which to reduce government costs.
The Maine View, Vol. 5, Issue No. 1
Education Service Districts: Achieving school administrative cost savings while protecting local control and parental involvement

The Maine View, Vol. 4, Issue No. 10
Local Government Can Thrive with Spending Limits