Sign the Petition: Reform Maine’s Welfare System!

Since taking office, Governor Mills has consistently fought against efforts to reform welfare. Through her policies, it seems the governor is trying to maximize the number of able-bodied adults who rely on the state.

This year, lawmakers will debate a number of bills that would improve Maine’s welfare system. The bills, sponsored by Sen. Eric Brakey, would prevent fraud and abuse of the system and ensure that public resources are reserved for those who truly need them.

  • LD 117 – Preventing cash withdrawals with EBT cards
  • LD 182 – Applying a 9-month time limit on General Assistance benefits for able-bodied adults
  • LD 183 – Stopping people who have exhausted the lifetime limit on TANF benefits from receiving General Assistance benefits
  • LD 268 – Implementing a 45-day residency requirement to receive General Assistance benefits

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