Taxing, Spending, or Not


By Scott K Fish
Not To Worry About Selling Maine Paper Mills? International Paper is selling two of Maine’s largest paper mills in the Town of Jay (1,000 employees) and the Town of Bucksport (800 employees). Amy Sawyer, an IP spokeswoman said workers should not be alarmed. There are no indications the new owners plan any major changes after the deal is completed this summer.
The Bar Harbor Times’s editor is blaming high taxes on Maine’s middle class on the high cost of the “wrong war” in Iraq and also on Pres. Bush’s tax cuts for “those who can afford to help pay for the president’s war.” The BHT editor is praising Snowe, Michaud, Allen for opposing extension of the Bush tax cuts, criticizing Collins for “toe[ing] the company line” and voting yes on the tax cut extension.
Columnist Al Diamon in the same BHT writes, “Here’s the truth: The property tax is a reasonable tax because property owners demand costly municipal services.”

Waldo Independent: Voters reject SAD 34 school budget twice causing shakeup in school board. Says one person opposing the massive school budgets, “There’s just so much money you can get out of a person.