2007 Index of Worker Freedom


The Alliance for Worker Freedom recently released their brand new study called the 2007 Index of Worker Freedom: A National Report Card. Not surprisingly, Maine earned a C- for worker freedom. Here is what the study had to say about Maine:
“Maine received an IWF score of two out of 10, earning the state a “C-” grade, the third lowest grade. Maine must enact legislation to reform financial protection and basic workers rights.”
“Maine must seek to pass right to work and paycheck protection legislation so workers are not forced to pay union dues and that those who are dues paying union members know that their money isn’t being used on unwanted political activity.”
“Next, Maine’s minimum wage is automatically replaced with the Federal minimum wage rate if it is higher than the State level. Maine should use the powers granted to the state in our federalist government and repeal its state minimum wage laws–thus automatically pegging them to that of the federal government, not higher.”
“Additionally, Maine state statute gives the authority to either side of a collective bargaining session the ability to request that the session be closed to the public. To ensure transparency and accountability, Maine should seek to repeal its collective bargaining laws.”
“Further, in having the 9th highest workers compensation premium at $3.21 per $100 of payroll, Maine is taking money from business owners that could be used for hiring expansions, lowering the price of goods and services, or paying current employees more–all things which lead to a higher degree of worker freedom.”