Democrats touting tax cuts – but not in Maine


By Bill Becker
Why is it that most of the rest of the nation (with the exception of New Jersey) understands that tax cuts create growth in the economy and jobs as well?
The Wall Street Journal reported today that Rhode Island, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Arizona – all states that have Democrat Governors or where Democrats control a majority of the Legislature – have aggressively cut their tax rates and tax burdens on taxpayers in those states.
And Maine?

No such luck for Maine. Our top marginal income tax rate of 8.5% kicks in at $17,500. Taxes have fees have increased by over $700 million in the last 3 1/2 years – or nearly 12%. That matches the growth in state spending during the past few years.
Legislative leaders and the administration in Maine haven’t recognized the problems caused by taxes – and even worse – they have done nothing to relieve those tax burdens. Yet Democrat leaders in other states get the idea.
” ‘Our high tax rates make us uncompetitive,” says [Rhode Island] Democratic House Speaker William Murphy.”
” [New Mexico Democrat Governor] Mr. Richardson tells us. “After all, businesses move to states where taxes are falling, not rising. ‘ ”
Our current majority party ought to listen to the advice and counsel of their couterparts in other states.