Hundreds of Maine Citizens Petition against Hiding Public Employee Names


An online petition against LD 1353, a bill to hide public employees names from public view, has gathered hundreds of signatures from citizens and taxpayers.

In the comments section of the petition, many have expressed frustration with Maine Democrat leaders, who have co-sponsored this bill…“Any Legislator in favor of LD 1353 is countering the Obama transparency
doctrine and would be pandering to their voters instead of looking at
the larger picture to do the right thing. I hope that electioneering is
behind us and our elected officials would vote for what is right for
the entire State of Maine”
says one petition signer.

Another petitioner pleads with legislators to take a stand. “I urge my representatives to vote against LD 1353. Maine citizens
should know how their taxes are being spent. This information should
not be censored.”

Included in the list of those signing are State Employees, “I am an employee of the University of Maine so my salary
is available for viewing . . . but I believe that tax payers should
have access to all state employees salaries, including names, position,

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