Maine versus New Hampshire VIII


Another issue that folks have been following is the population race between Maine and New Hampshire.  Last year it appeared that New Hampshire’s population would exceed Maine’s sometime early in 2009.

The revised data shows that New Hampshire’s population actually exceeded  Maine’s in 2007.  The attached chart shows the growth in population for the two states since 1991 (click “continue reading” to view chart).  In 2007, Maine’s population was 1,317,308 and New Hampshire’s was 1,317,343.

Accelerated by Maine’s recent population decline, the gap has grown to 6,274 people with Maine’s population in 2009 at 1,318,301 to New Hampshire’s 1,324,575.

Like Maine, New Hampshire also saw net out-migration in 2009 with 2,602 more folks leaving than coming into the state.  However, New Hampshire’s net natural increase was significantly higher at 3,587.  Interestingly, this gap is due to a lower death rate with New Hampshire reporting 10,449 deaths to Maine’s 12,894.

Also of interest is how quickly New Hampshire’s population has grown since 1991 relative to Maine’s.  Between 1991 to 2009, Maine’s population grew by 85,582 people while New Hampshire grew by 212,191.