Odd, People Will Buy Affordable Insurance if Given the Chance


Florida has 1.4 million fewer residents than New York but almost 14 times more people buying insurance on their own, not through their employer, in the individual market.
In 2006, New York had just 57,000 people purchasing insurance in the individual market, thanks to community rating and guarantee issue in the individual market. New York’s individual policies start at $609 per month for an individual and $1,828 per month for family coverage.
By comparison, Florida has 790,000, according to the latest figures. Individual insurance premiums in Florida start as low as $35 a month for a 25-year-old man or $44 a month for 25-year-old female, according to ehealthinsurance.com.
Senator Hillary Clinton has talked about taking NY’s destructive guarantee issue and community rating regulations nationwide as part of her universal coverage plan. The facts show these regulations will reduce coverage not expand it.
Last month, The Maine Heritage Policy Center released model health care reform legislation that would give Maine families the right to choose the same affordable health plans available to those in the Sunshine State.