School choice saved by voters in Raymond and Orland


Not a great Election Day as far as I’m concerned, but there was one bright note.  Voters in Raymond and Orland both voted to preserve school choice.

The vote in Orland was very close, 671 to 644.  That means Orland will continue to have at least some school choice after merging with Bucksport, assuming the merger plan passes when the time comes. That plan would limit high school choice in Orland to only 35% of students. The other 65% will be required to attend Bucksport High School.

School choice in Raymond was upheld by a better than two-to-one margin, 1923 to 788.  This means Raymond will keep choice after merging with Windham.  This is a truly great win considering that much of the school board and the school administration were adamantly against choice.

The battle is not over yet.  We’re still learning the outcomes with regard to a handful of consolidation plans dealing with school choice, though it looks as though the Freeport-Durham-Pownal merger will go through, ending choice for students in Pownal and Durham.

Stay tuned…