Tax Foundation’s State Business Tax Climate Index


Today the Tax Foundation released their 2008 State Business Tax Climate Index. Unfortunately, it is more bad news for Maine. Maine’s ranks as the 41st best business tax climate (or, conversely, the 10th worst) dropping one spot from number 40 in 2007. More details to come as I digest this report.
And apparently the folks at the Tax Foundation are working over-time. As I blogged yesterday, the Tax Foundation annually updates their Federal Tax Burden and Expenditure paper after the release of key data from the Census Bureau. While the paper is not yet out, they did issue a press release today with the overall data. In FFY 2005, Maine received $1.41 in federal expenditures for every $1.00 sent to Washington–the 13th highest ratio in the country. Again, more details to follow as I digest this second report.