The Obama family enjoys school choice, why not you?


An article from today’s New York Post details the choice facing President-Elect and Mrs.Obama as they look to move to Washington in January – to which school will they send their kids?

Most Americans, of course, don’t have that choice to make. They are forced to attend the public school assigned to them by the state unless they can afford to go elsewhere.  Many Maine communities offer school choice, though fewer and fewer all the time.

Future Mom-in-Chief Michelle Obama flew into DC ahead of her
husband yesterday on a reconnaissance mission to scope out private
schools for her two daughters.

She headed first to the tony Georgetown Day School, an
ultra-progressive prep school where students and their teachers are on
a first-name basis.

After Georgetown, Michelle headed to Sidwell, a liberal Quaker
school that many consider the front-runner in the heated Race for the

Still to be visited is Maret, a college-prep school with an emphasis on sports.

The DC public schools made an unsuccessful push for Chelsea Clinton
back in 1992, but it seems unlikely the Obama girls will end up in a
city school.

What is even more amazing about this article are the long lists of prominent Democrats with kids at each of these ritzy private schools.  It amazes me that these people are never called on the carpet for the blatant hypocrisy of denying ordinary people the same school choice rights they enjoy.  They are all very supportive of D.C. public schools until they have to send their own kids there…Unbelievable.