What is the Con Law Center?


The mission of the Con Law Center is to protect private property rights in Maine and restore economic freedom by challenging illegal state laws and local ordinances.  In practice – we provide legal representation to individuals, property owners and small business owners whose constitutional rights are being violated by state or local governments.

The Con Law Center is the new advocate for Maine’s entrepreneurs, small businesses, and property owners who do not have the necessary resources and time needed to organize a legal challenge when their constitutional rights are threatened.  The Maine Legislature, state agencies, local officials, committee members, and town employees too often believe their decisions cannot be questioned – but now the ordinary citizens have a new voice.

I will be pursuing cases to roll back the encroachment of state and local laws and regulations that make it hard to start or run a business and create jobs in Maine.  Most of our state’s job growth is with small companies and family businesses, and my job is to get the intrusive laws and regulations out of their way so they can grow.  When these companies are free to make common-sense business decisions without being denied, restricted, or second-guessed by regulators, more people get hired and have new opportunities to prosper right here in Maine.

If you believe you are in a situation where your Constitutional Rights are being restricted by a state or local law or official, please go to the CASE SUBMISSION FORM in the “Latest Research” section of the site’s CON LAW tab