ObamaCare Admits How Expensive Maine Health Insurance Is


Today, the Obama administration updated its Healthcare.gov website with health insurance premium (price) information.  I decided to check out the premium information for Maine, as I had been reading how Governor Baldacci, Obama’s top health reform official, and even Maine’s own Insurance Superintendent hold up Maine as the model for ObamaCare.

I agree.  Maine’s Dirigo disaster does foretell the future if the next Congress does not wholly repeal or substantially replace ObamaCare.

But the proof is in the premiums….

According to Healthcare.gov, the premiums for Maine health insurance plans for my family start out at $2,156 per month or an astounding $25,872 a year, with just 2 plans available.

Yet, also according to Healthcare.gov, the premiums in New Hampshire start out at just $411 per month or just $4,932 a year, with 38 plans available.

Maybe Maine is not the model if the goal is to lower health insurance costs.